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Tricks with poker chips

  • Author
    Nasib Yuzifzadeh
  • 01 February 2022
Tricks with poker chips Onlinecasinobonusguide.net

Want to impress your friends with a cool poker chip trick? After all, this is quite simple to learn, and the effect is really impressive.

You can sort of deftly sort out the chips in your hand in passing and by doing so you will already attract attention to yourself, and people will consider you a more experienced player.

Tricks with poker chips - one day training.

Trick 1.

Shuffle. For this trick, you will need as many chips as will fit comfortably in your hand. It is better to start with 4 and then, as skill grows, add more. So, take three chips and put them on the ring, middle and index fingers of one hand. Using your thumb, pull the front chip towards you so that it goes around the other three and is behind the pile. The main thing in this trick is that the movements should be fast, jerky. Then the trick will seem quite spectacular. You can repeat this action for so long until your hand gets tired. And, believe me, you will be watched all this time.

Trick 2.

Take a stack of three chips, hold them horizontally with your thumb and forefinger. Pry the two lower chips with your little finger, and lift the top one with your index finger up. Use your middle finger to push the middle chip and scroll with your index finger. In the end, she should be on the other side. Of course, this scrolling is far from the first time, but it's worth practicing.

Trick 3.

Take three pieces in the same way as for the first trick. With your thumb, move the two lower chips, and with your middle finger, turn the front chip back. This is the most difficult trick in this article, at first it does not work for anyone. To make it easier to learn, make sure that the stack is always even.

Trick 4 on the Tip Top table.

For this trick you will need a stack of chips (at least 10 and preferably 2 colors) and a good cloth to slide on. Make a pile of chips, alternating their colors through one. Bring your hand over the stack and effectively take it with three fingers: thumb, middle and ring. With a sharp but clear movement, stretch the pile across the table so that you get a smooth path of chips. Make sure that the poker chips lie on the table evenly and at the same distance from each other. Next, with the ring and middle fingers, grab the rightmost chip and stretch it along the path so as to collect the chips again in one column.

Trick 5. Leapfrog.

This is not a trick, but rather hand movements that help the player focus. When you need to make a difficult decision in a game and need to concentrate, poker players often sort through the chips in a "leapfrog" type. To do this, we firmly take a stack of several chips and alternately move the front chip down the entire stack with our middle finger. The main thing is to do it quickly and deftly.

Poker tricks with chips are always a spectacular action that attracts the eyes of others. Especially if you demonstrate them in front of your friends in a home game.